Our Services

Air Ambulance

For patients requiring urgent nursing and medical care, the appropriate choice is transport by air ambulance flight. With doctors, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric specialists and critical care paramedics on staff, AWAA offers bed to bed service to critically ill patients in need of medical care and assistance.

We offer multiple aircraft options (please click here) based on case to case basis to suit your medical needs and budgetary considerations. All the aircrafts provided by us are well equipped with state-of-the-art life support equipment to meet the critical medical care needs of the patient and accompanied by expert medical team, which are inspected on fixed intervals to ensure their quality and efficacy.

This is primarily the fastest way of medical transfer of the patient with critical medical needs when he/she needs to fly a long distance with assistance of qualified medical staff. No matter what the condition of the patient is, and where they are supposed to be shifted, we do our best to airlift such patients and make them reach at a safer place, as quick as possible. Air Ambulance includes a stretcher bed for patient on board.

The medical team is assigned based on assessment of medical condition of the patient to ascertain whether he/she requires basic medical care or advanced medical care with additional support. The teams including pilots are fully equipped and trained in medical evacuation, emergency and trauma conditions and are ready to fly in a moment’s notice for your service. We specialize in transporting patients to and from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, specialized care facilities, and private residences, with the same level of care that would be expected from a hospital ICU.

Heli – Evacuation

With its diverse fleet of aircraft (please click here) available at choicest of the destinations, AWAA is capable of both domestic and international medical evacuations. We are pioneer in arranging prompt, well equipped, highly advanced helicopter ambulance across the globe. Unlike other helicopters these helicopters are built exclusively for transporting emergency victims and critically-ill patients. A dedicated set of trained and qualified emergency physicians and paramedics have been specially trained for air evacuations and these teams will be on all air-transfers. These services offer support to all types of accident and emergency patients including pediatric patients.

Upon receipt of your request, AWAA arranges and provides dedicated professional team and helicopter ambulance services which suit best as per your medical needs and are utmost secured and cost-effective. We aim to strive for quality and care and our timely and best efforts are surely value for money. The patients, who need urgent medical transfer services, will get homely behavior from our experienced professionals, which will help them feeling secured with our staff members. Fly safely to meet your medical needs with us at the most competitive rates.

Commercial Medical Stretcher Service

It is another practical and cost saving option for international or domestic medical transports after our experts assess that patient is in a condition to travel through commercial stretcher facility. AWAA provides extensive commercial medical stretcher service for emergency medical repatriation service which serves as quite a grossly economical service to the patient and his family. We work with commercial airline to remove several rows of seats from the aircraft to accommodate the patient's stretcher and all necessary medical equipment.

This service is appropriate when medical transfer is not highly critical and is not required in emergency situation. Our team coordinates with airline service for all the approvals and arrangements and hence it may take few days to finalize all arrangements. We have been repatriating patients on international flights with medical escorts worldwide.

Medical Escort Services

It is a super alternative if the patient is stable enough to sit during take-off and landing and has a limited need for oxygen. The patient flies comfortably in First Class or Business Class as the case may be on a major commercial airline and is under constant care of at least one medical escort of AWAA. This option comes at relatively cheaper costs in comparison to private aircrafts acting as air ambulance. This service is mostly suitable for medical cases involving Neurological, Orthopedic and Behavioral health disorders in the patient.